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2007.001.0001Gay, Michigan Story (The)Monette , Clarence1988
2007.001.0002Copper Range Railroad (The)Monette, Clarence1989
2007.001.0003Freda, Michigan, End of the RoadMonette, Clarence1989
2007.001.0004Early Red Jacket and Calumet in PicturesMonette, Clarence1988
2007.001.0005Early Red Jacket and Calumet in Pictures Volume IIMonette, Clarence1988
2007.001.0006Early South RangeMonette, Clarence1995
2007.001.0007Early South RangeMonette, Clarence1995
2007.001.0008Mineral Range Railroad (The)Monette, Clarence1993
2007.001.0009Central Mine - a Ghost TownMonette, Clarence1995
2007.001.0010Central Mine - a Ghost TownMonette, Clarence1995
2007.001.0011Atlantic Mine - Photographs from Harold H. Heikkinen CollectionMonette, Clarence1993
2007.001.0012Allouez, New Allouez and BumbletownMonette, Clarence1994
2007.001.0013Baltic, MIMonette, Clarence1996
2007.001.0014Dollar Bay, MichiganMonette, Clarence2000
2007.001.0015Dollar Bay, MichiganMonette, Clarence2000
2007.001.0016Houghton County's Street Cars and Electric ParkMonette, Clarence2001
2007.001.0017Cor-Ago, A Lake Linden Medicine Co.Monette, Clarence & Smith, G. Walton1974
2007.001.0018Keweenaw Central railroad and the Crestview ResortMonette, Clarence1977
2007.001.0019Hancock, MI Remembered Vol IMonette, Clarence1982
2007.001.0020Delaware MI - Its HistoryMonette, Clarence1987
2007.001.0021All About Mandan, MIMonette, Clarence1982
2007.001.0022Brief History of Ahmeek, MIMonette, Clarence1981
2007.001.0023Gregoryville - The History of a Hamlet Located across from Lake Linden, MIMonette, Clarence1974
2007.001.0024History of Jacobsville and its Sandstone Quarries (The)Monette, Clarence1976
2007.001.0025History of Jacobsville and its Sandstone Quarries (The)Monette, Clarence1976
2007.001.0026History of Eagle River, Mich. (The)Monette, Clarence j.1978
2007.001.0027History of Copper Harbor, MI (The)Monet, Clarence J.1976
2007.001.0028History of Eagle River, MI (The)Monet, Clarence J.1977
2007.001.0029Early Days in Mohawk, MIMonet, Clarence J.1980
2007.001.0030Copper Falls, Just a MemoryMonet, Clarence J.1978
2007.001.0031Calumet TheaterMonet, Clarence J.1979
2007.001.0032History of Lake LInden, MIMonet, Clarence J.1975
2007.001.0033Lac La BelleMonet, Clarence J.1990
2007.001.0034Winona and the King Philip LocationsMonet, Clarence J.1993
2007.001.0035Upper Peninsula's WolverineMonet, Clarence J.1992
2007.001.0036Laurium, Michigan's Early DaysMonet, Clarence J.1986
2007.001.0037Laurium, Michigan's Early DaysMonet, Clarence J.1986
2007.001.0038Houghton in PicturesMonet, Clarence J.1989
2007.001.0039Keweenaw Waterway (The)Monet, Clarence J.1980
2007.001.0040Joseph Bosch and the Bosch Brewing CompanyMonet, Clarence J.1978
2007.001.0041White City, The History of an Early Copper Country Recreational AreaMonet,Clarence J.1972
2007.001.0042Ojibwa, MI, a Forgotten VillageMonet, Clarence J.1985
2007.001.0043Lake Linden's Disasterous Fire of 1887Monet, Clarence J.1988
2007.001.0044Painesdale, MI Old and NewMonet, Clarence J.1983
2007.001.0045Copper Country's Loggers Tale (A)Monet, Clarence J. and Smith G. Walton1974
2007.001.0046TriMountain and its Copper MInesMonet, Clarence J.1991
2007.001.0047Some Fatal Accidents in the Atlantic, Baltic, Champion, TriMountain and Winona Copper Mines.Monet, Clarence J.1994
2007.001.0048Settling of Copper City, MI (The)Monet, Clarence J.1983
2007.001.0049Phoenix, MI's, HistoryMonet, Clarence J.1989
2007.001.0050Red Ridge and Its Steel DamMonet, Clarence J.1992
2007.001.0051Some of the Best of C & H news and views. Vol 1Clarence J. Monet1985
2007.001.0052Some of the Best from C & H news and views. Vol 2Clarence J. Monet1987
2007.001.0053Some of the Best from C & H news and views, Vol.3Clarence J. Monet1993
2007.001.0054Hancock, MI Remembered Vol. 2 Churches of HancockClarence J. Monet1985
2007.001.0055Lake Linden Living History, 1985Clarence J. Monet1987
2007.001.0056Lake Linden, Yesterday, A Pictorial HistoryClarence J. Monet1977
2007.001.0057Lake Linden's Yesterday, A pictorial HistoryClarence J. Monet1980
2007.001.0058Lake Linden's Yesterday A Pictorial History Vol. 2Clarence J. Monet1980
2007.001.0059Lake Linden's Yesterday, A Pictorial History Vol. 3Clarence J. Monet1983
2007.001.0060Some Copper Country Names and PlacesClarence J. Monet1975
2007.001.0061History of Ewen and Other Towns in the Southern Ontonagon County, MI (A)Knox Jamison1967
2007.001.0062Steel DamsOtise Hovey1935
2007.001.0063Norwich Mine - A Timeless History of one Copper Mine in MI's U.P. (The)Joseph R. Papineau1995
2007.001.0064Range of Opportunity - a Historic Study of the Copper Range Co.Richard A. Fields1997
2007.001.0065Copper Mining in Ontonagon County, MITaumo Kilpela1988
2007.001.0066Atlantic Amygdaloid LodeTaumo Kilpela1993
2007.001.0067Hard Rock Mining Era - Kearsarge Amygdoloid, Osceloa Amygdoloid.Taumo Kilpela1993
2007.001.0068Hard Rock Mining Era, Isle Royale Amygdaloid LodeTaumo Kilpela1993
2007.001.0069Heads and Tales - A Third North Woods ReaderCulle Gage1982
2007.001.0070Last Northwoods Reader (The)Cullee Gage1984
2007.001.0071Northwoods Reader - Tales of the Old U.P. (The)Cully Gage with C. Nowlen1977
2007.001.0072Tales of the Old U.P. - A second Northwoods ReaderCully Gage1981
2007.001.0073Hard Rock Mining Era, Calumet Conglomerate Lode (The)Taumo Kilpela1990
2007.001.0074Hard Rock Mining Era, Baltic Amygdaloid Lode (The)Taumo Kilpela1990
2007.001.0075Lake Superior Iron Ore Railroads (The)Patrick C. Dorin1969
2007.001.0076Hard Rock Mining Era in the Copper County - 7 Lodes of Keweenaw Mining (The)Kilpela, Tauno1995
2007.001.0077History of the Finns in MIHolmio, Armas K.E.2001
2007.001.0078Wonderful PowerMartin, Susan R.1999
2007.001.0079Michigan Place NamesRomig, Walter
2007.001.0080Geology of the Lake Superior RegionLaBerge, Gene L.1994
2007.001.0081Build for TomorrowPrice, Harry Steele w/ Shalett, Sidney1960
2007.001.0082Michigan, Yesterday and TodayLewis, Ferris E.1961
2007.001.0083Copper - The Encompassing Story of Mankind's First MetalJoralemon, Ira D.1973
2007.001.0084Lake Superior JournalHubbard, Bela Ed. by Peters, Bernard C.1983
2007.001.0085All Aboard - A History of Railroads in MIDunbar, Willis F.1969
2007.001.0086Upper MIchigan Postal History and PostmarksTaylor, William J.1988
2007.001.0087Atlantic Copper and Community South of Portage Lake (The)Hollingsworth, Sandra1978
2007.001.0088Boom Copper - The Story of the First US Mining BoomMurdoch, Angus1981
2007.001.0089When the Railroad was KingElliott, Frank N.1988
2007.001.0091Copper Country JournalHenry Hobart1991
2007.001.0092Historic Highway Bridges of MichiganHyde, Charles1993
2007.001.0093Michigan's 37,000,000 Acres of DiamondsNewnom, Clyde L.1927
2007.001.0094Michigan Copper and Boston DollarsGates, William B. Jr1951
2007.001.0095Ontonagon Country (The)Jamison, James K.1948
2007.001.0096Swedetown ...Medved, James with Heliste, Regim1983
2007.001.0097Pioneering MichiganFreedman, Eric1992
2007.001.0098Michigan GoldFountain, Daniel1992
2007.001.0099Strangers and SojournersThurner, Arthur W.1994
2007.001.0100Michigan TreesBarnes, Burton V. and Wagner, Warren H.1981
Records 1 through 100 of 852 matching records