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Plan on attending the 2018 LSRHA Annual Banquet & Meeting on Sunday April 29th!! We will have three very interesting railroad presentations, including Midwestern U.S. Railroading, U.S. Army Mortuary Trains- 1947 - 1951, and the mobilization of the Wisconsin National Guard’s 32nd Infantry Division for the Berlin Crisis in 1961.

CLICK ON THE BELOW "2018 Banquet Reservation Form" for more event details and to print out the reservation form for mailing.

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Some of the excess books and magazines available.
by D. Evenson
We have some duplicate books and magazines, plus model builders magazines available for purchase. Check with us and we can give you more details on what you might be interested in.
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More new library shelving has arrived thanks to the generosity of the Tom E. Dailey Foundation. We should now be able to shelve all our library volumes, with room for expansion!

Pres. Ristow and volunteer Don Evenson have been hard at work getting the new shelves assembled and installed. GREAT JOB GUYS! You can see the many railroad books in the photo foreground that necessitated us getting more shelving. We have well over a thousand volumes inn our library now! LSRHA has discovered and corrected a website searching issue/problem regarding our C & NW archive items. Now by selecting Chicago & North Western from the drop down menu(s), you will readily find 12,024 drawings, 808 photos, 83 maps & diagrams, 50 documents, and 6 timetables! We still have other C & NW items in our collections that have not yet been fully cataloged and entered into our website for searching, so contact us if you do not find what you are looking for.
Changes have been made to the searching capabilities and if you now search for the C&NW drawings you will find 12,971 entries. The Chicago,St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha now has 9,073 files. if you tried in the past with no results, you should find drawings listed now. Thanks for your patience in this matter! LSRHA staff.
August 11,2016
A hot summer this year, progress is continuing, however, with drawing files. The IT team is continuing to process the web files, hopefully the CRIP & CMStP files will be available on line soon! Cataloging continues and a 'new' collection is being entered. Please be patient as much work is needed to get the drawings cataloged, entered into Excel files, proof read and then configured to the web site! August 11, 2016

The Sheffield Car Company drawings are part of the huge Fairbanks, Morse collection. The Sheffield Plant was located in Three Rivers, Michigan and produced a line of several railroad products including VELOCIPEDES, HAND CARS, PUSH CARS, MOTOR CARS, WATER STAND PIPES, OIL STAND PIPES, CATTLE GUARDS AND WATER TANK FIXTURES(/b). It is possible that additional products will be found in the collection also.

MAY 28,2017
Cataloging of the Sheffield drawings has been completed. It is still possible, however, that some drawings may still be found in isolated boxes on the shelves. Total drawing count is over 27,800. The process of entering all entries into the Excel file is continuing. Hopefully the entire file will be entered and check for errors this fall. Inclusion on the WEB site would follow shortly thereafter.

If you are interested in drawings from the Sheffield collection, do not hesitate to call or write, we will attempt to find any drawings for you.