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The Lake States Railway Historical Association is governed by the Board of Trustees. The Board elects four officers at its annual meeting. Each of the trustees has an extensive background in historic railway preservation, archiving and collections. Following is a list of the current Officers and Trustees: Bob’s interest in railroading began while growing up in Pewaukee, Wisconsin within about 300 yards of the Milwaukee Road main line where passenger trains ran at 90 miles per hour.
At the age of 10 Bob got to know the yard crews in the rail yard and soon he was helping with switching and other yard duties.
Bob used to team up with school classmate Clint Jones on some adventurous rail fanning. Bob took several Burlington fan trips between Milwaukee and the Chicago area and ended up joining the Mid-Continent Railroad Museum.
After attending the University of Wisconsin taking drafting Bob began working for the SE Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission as a research analyst in the transportation division. After six years he transferred to the cartographic division and drafted maps and charts using ink on mylar.
Bob then spent 12 years working for W. K. Walthers in the machine shop and designing new prototype models.
Bob worked at MCRM in North Freedom helping rebuild steam locomotives. This was his training in steam and locomotive mechanics.
In 1999 Bob moved to Dearborn, Michigan and worked at the Henry Ford RR Museum in the roundhouse as a ‘steam specialist’.
He worked on rebuilding the Torch Lake locomotive and also maintained the Edison as well as other equipment.
In 2006 Bob returned to Wisconsin and got the opportunity to work on the Soo Line 2-8-2 #1003. He was a mechanic, fireman and engineer and was certified to run on the main lines in the 1003 pulling excursions.
Bob still has a passion for mechanical drafting and does CAD drawing at home to indulge in his passion for RR drawings.
Bob has been very instrumental in cataloging the thousands of drawings in the Lake States archives.

Paul Swanson has had an avid interest in railroads and specifically steam locomotives since his childhood. After graduating from Iowa State with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, he sought his dream and worked as a summer fireman and engineer at Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom, WI for three years. He then went on to full time employment with the Wisconsin & Calumet Railroad, and later Wisconsin & Southern where he is still working today as an engineer/conductor (30 years and counting). His strong interest in the history, imagery, and mechanical aspects of railroading were manifested in many years of volunteering at Mid-Continent in the Car Dept., Operating Dept., serving on the board of directors (11+ years), as Secretary, and editor of several of the museum's publications. He has also assisted with publicity, marketing, and chaired long-range planning. Paul's current passion is photography, present and past, and has taken an interest in digitizing the Ritzman collection at Lake States with the goal of making it available on-line. He has also volunteered to helm Lake States News. He feels the long-term survival of Lake States is of paramount importance to protect the growing collection. As such, fund raising, professional staffing, and a perpetual endowment/trust are top priorities. J. Michael (Mike) Harrington is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in International Relations and a M.S. in Education. He is a retired U.S. Navy captain and a high school teacher. Mike's interest in railroad history is two pronged; historical research and railcar restoration. He has actively worked at restoring wooden rail cars including several nationally honored railroad coaches. His research has resulted in four articles published in the SOO on the Wisconsin Central Railroad and restoration efforts. He has also spoken to numerous historical groups and given railroading merit badge instruction to both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Mike has served as secretary for the Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society, Treasurer for the Soo Line Historical & Technical Society for more than 20 years and for the S.L.H.&T.S. Archives from its inception in the early 1990's to the present.

Ken comes to Lake States with an interest in railway preservation and restoration that dates back nearly fifty years. While serving with the U. S. Army in Milwaukee during the late 1960's, he became involved with the Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society. In addition to his activities in the areas of preservation and restoration, he served two terms as a Member of the Board of Directors, one term as Corporate Secretary and three terms as President of the Board. During his first two terms he guided efforts which improved the year end financial position, and negotiated agreement with the Chicago and North Western which resulted in the steam powered Prosperity Special and subsequent CNW 1385 steam excursions. In his final term Mid-Continent launched its most successful fundraising effort to restore the Milwaukee, Lakeshore and Western day coach.

Ken graduated from the Marquette University College of Engineering in 1976, and is a Registered Professional Engineer. He has worked in the Electrical Industry for more than 35 years, and is currently employed as a consulting engineer. He resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his wife, JoAnn. His son Jeremy is a network administrator at a large Mid Western hospital.His daughter Kimberly is a certified Veterinary Technician, licensed in Michigan and Nationally.

Beyond his LSRHA interests, Ken is a published hobby author, photographer and scale model builder. For twenty five years he has volunteered at the local elementary school, reading to the students. A life-long resident of the Chicago Area, Mr. Buhrmaster was employed as an engineer for Reynolds Metals Company, involved in equipment design, project management and environmental activities before retiring in 1989. As an avocation, he has conducted in-depth research concerning century-old Chicago locomotive and car vendors utilizing such primary sources held by Newberry Library, Northwestern University, Lake Forest College and the National Archives. He has been an active member of the Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society since 1963, serv­ing as a board director and secretary. There, he has been involved in or led numerous large and small preservation and restoration projects, applying the principles of accurate research in combination with extensive artifact documentation in order to provide authentic restoration. Presently, Ray is a trustee and financial supporter of LSRHA. Ray received the Fuka-Mickiszak Memorial Award for efforts in the preservation of history from the Burlington Route Historical Society in 2006. Clint Jones, who attended Michigan Technological University majoring in Business, brings to LSRHA a life-long history of railroad employment and management and large and small railroad artifact collecting. He began his career in diesel locomotive maintenance working for the Milwaukee Road but soon became General Manager of Trans Northern, Inc. (passenger, steam); General Manager of Algoma Railroad Company (passenger) and Chippewa River Railroad Company (freight).

From 1982 to the present he serves as President of Mineral Range, Inc., a railway equipment, industry switching, and transportation consulting firm providing short line startup expertise to customers. Clint also served as Trainmaster for Wisconsin Central Railway from 1987 to 1997, supervising train operations and train crews and providing customer service over the 200 mile territory.

Over the years Clint has assembled a personal collection of steam and diesel locomotives, railroad cars, photographs and paper documents, mostly focused upon railroads of the Michigan Upper Peninsula. He has demonstrated concern for preservation and sharing with the public by providing items from his collection to the LSRHA and other historical preservation organizations. Now semi-retired, Matthew has spent a lifetime pursuing railroad historical research in all its aspects. A lifelong resident of the Upper Midwest, he has worked in wide-ranging fields in both the private industrial and municipal realms. Partial to shortlines, he was a "gandy dancer" in Iowa before age 21, and later traveled widely with a now "fallen flag" Class I Midwestern railroad. Matthew is a graduate of the Milwaukee Area Technical College, and supports a number of historical societies, many of which focus on railroad history. He is a lifetime member of the Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society. Since 1998 he has contributed his labor in the carshop of Mid-Continent Railway Museum to help restore century-old wooden freight and passenger cars. Born too late to experience steam locomotion first-hand, Matthew enjoys searching for remnant traces of historical railroad activity in the North Woods, where he has "discovered" a number of cabooses and a Great Northern cook car. Ralph carries a tremendous amount of experience in railroading and railroad preservation.
Ralph possesses over seventeen years of executive level management expertise within 'for profit' and 'non profit entities coordinating and overseeing fund raising and other programs.
He has held many top positions in many museums, historic centers and various tourist railways. He is VP of marketing sales for Tropic Oceon Airways, President of Ralph Justen & Associates, and is active in many railroad and flying associations including the AOPA and EAA.
Ralph holds degrees in Arts, History, Business Administration plus Transportation Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.
Ralph maintains a summer residence in Wisconsin and winter address in Cudjoe Key, Florida.